Inspirational Film Based on a Malaysian Teacher, ‘Adiwiraku’ to Screen in March

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 23/02/2017

Adiwiraku, an independent film inspired by the true story of a local English teacher, Cheryl Ann Fernando is set to screen on 9th March 2017 nationwide.

The two-hour biopic directed by Eric Ong centers on the joys and struggles of Cheryl, who is determined to set up a choral speaking team and get her students ready for the district level competition. Along the way, she deals with poverty, dropouts and struggles to get her students interested in learning English.

Starring award-winning actress, Sangeeta Krishnasamy as Cheryl, along with Xavier Fong, Wan Azlyn, Farra Safwan and Adnin Zidane, the film also casts 60 students from the actual school, SMK Pinang Tunggal in Kedah.

Eric Ong, who was inspired greatly by the determination of the teacher said: “This story is very inspirational as Cheryl took matters into her own hands and found ways to change the situation for the better.”

Whereas Sangeeta Krishnasamy dedicated her role to the teachers out there who go to great lengths for their students’ future. “The beauty of teaching is that you don’t just get to their minds, you get to their hearts. I think Cheryl made teaching so interesting there,” she said.

Adiwiraku was also a semi-finalist in the Equality International Film Festival and finalist for the Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2017.