Ejen Ali Mobile Games Score Six Awards at Singapore’s Mob-Ex Awards 2017

Published by Amirin Arsyan @ 28/02/2017

Ejen Ali MATA Training Academy and Ejen Ali Emergency mobile games; which were developed by Media Prima Labs scored four gold awards and two bronze awards at the recent Mob-Ex Awards 2017 in Singapore.

The Ejen Ali MATA Training Academy mobile game bagged the gold awards for ‘Best App – Creativity,’ ‘Best App – Media Owner’ and ‘Best App – Tablets’ as well as a bronze award for ‘Best App – Games & Entertainment.’ Whereas, Ejen Ali Emergency mobile game took home the gold award for ‘Best App – Games & Entertainment’ and the bronze award for ‘Best App – tablets.’

The action-packed mobile games which have over one million total downloads across iOS and Android devices since it was first launched in March 2016, were developed based on the hit animation series of the same title, co-owned by WAU Animation Studios and Primeworks Studios. The animation series follows the title character who accidentally became a MATA agent after using the Infinity Retinal Intelligent System (IRIS), a device prototype created by MATA. 

Nicholas Sagau, Group General Manager, Product & Media Prima Labs commented, “We’re very happy for the recognition and glad that our effort was paid off. This success will definitely encourage us to invest more resources into the local mobile app and game industry. Hopefully, this award will be an eye-opener to potential investors out there on the commercial value of the digital industry in Malaysia.

The Mob-Ex Awards is an annual award event to reward leading organizations that have pushed their limits and achieved success on mobile platforms.