New ‘Didi & Friends’ Series to Premiere on Astro First and 13 TGV Cinemas Nationwide

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 09/03/2017

Digital Durian’s phenomenal animation, Didi & Friends is set to launch its new series, Cerita-Cerita Didi & Friends on Astro First and thirteen TGV cinemas nationwide, starting 16th March 2017.

As a strategic collaboration with Astro, Astro First viewers will get to enjoy 20 new episodes of Cerita-Cerita Didi & Friends, whereas viewers who would like to catch the animation on the big screen get to watch 12 episodes.

Each episode features seven-minute short stories which includes new and popular nursery rhymes. The episodes, titled ‘Mon Ke Sekolah’, ‘Jom Kitar Semula’, ‘Pulau Hokey Pokey’, ‘Jom ke Dunia Teko’, ‘Lembu Pak Atan’ and many more highlight good moral values with positive messages.

Sharmin Parameswaran, Senior Assistant Vice President, Astro First & Astro Best Channel, said: “We applaud the bold attempt by Digital Durian to produce new Didi & Friends series with musical elements. We hope the new format of the animation series will continue to be well received by viewers.”

“We received lots of feedback from the parents to create longer content and have it in a story format. Hence, we are very delighted to premiere Cerita-Cerita Didi & Friends on Astro First as well as TGV Cinemas and hope the viewers will enjoy the new series as much as we've enjoyed making it,” said Sinan Ismail, Co-Founder of Digital Durian.

To-date, Didi & Friends has garnered over 406,511,693 views on their official YouTube channel, and received a number of accolades, including the 'Best of Media & Entertainment Technology' Award at the PIKOM ICT Awards Night 2016.

Digital Durian with Didi & Friends mascots and celebrities at the official launching ceremony on 8th March 2017.