Bront Palarae to Star in the Remake of Classic Indonesian Horror Film, Pengabdi Setan

Published by Amirin Arsyan @ 14/04/2017

Photo By: Lifestyle Asia

Malaysian award-winning actor, Bront Palarae is set to star in Joko Anwar’s upcoming remake of classic Indonesian horror film, Pengabdi Setan.

Originally released in 1980, the film tells the story of a wealthy family who meddles with black magic upon the death of a family member. The film was also released in Japan and United States via VHS and DVD.

Bront, who also starred in Joko Anwar’s supernatural TV series Halfworlds on HBO Asia, is excited to start shooting the movie as he will take on a “new role” with a “new production.”

Last year, Bront made his feature film debut in Indonesia in a drama-comedy, My Stupid Boss and award-winning thriller, Headshot.

The remake of Pengabdi Setan will be produced by Rapi Films and production is set to begin on 15th April 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia.