Les’ Copaque Launches ‘DaDuDiDo Sports’ Mobile Game

Published by Amirin Arsyan @ 21/04/2017

Les’ Copaque Production Sdn Bhd (Les’ Copaque) through its mobile game development subsidiary, Les' Copaque Games and Development Inc. (LCGDI), launched DaDuDiDo Sports mobile game, based on its short animation series, DaDuDiDo on YouTube.

The mobile game is launched in conjunction with the new season of DaDuDiDo which will be screened exclusively on Les’ Copaque’s YouTube channel starting May this year. Introduced in 2014 and garnered more than 50,000 views per episode, DaDuDiDofollows the lives  of four friends with unique personalities; Da (fire), Du (wind), Di (water) and Do (earth) packed with humour, adventure, and the value of friendship.

In DaDuDiDo Sports, players can compete for the best score in a wide range of sports such as 100m dash, 50m swimming, weightlifting, 110 hurdles and more with their favourite character. In addition, players can collect coins and unlock new accessories for the characters to wear. The gameplay also features humourous and entertaining stunts just like the series.

“We believe the game will be well received by DaDuDiDofans not just in Malaysia  but around the world, as the non-dialogue animation is universal,” said Haji Burhanuddin Md Radzi, Co-founder and Managing Director of Les’ Copaque Production, who also revealed that the game will be promoted via Facebook Live next week.

DaDuDiDo Sports is now available on Google Play Store and will be available on Apple App Store soon.