Lil Critter Workshop’s ‘Hogie the Globehopper’ to Screen on Netflix

Published by Amirin Arsyan @ 26/04/2017

Malaysian animation studio, Lil Critter Workshop Sdn Bhd is set to debut its award-winning animation series, Hogie the Globehopper on the global video-on-demand service, Netflix later this year.

The animation series, which is planned for international market will be the first local animation to screen on Netflix with all 52 episodes.

Hogie the Globehopper tells the story of a curious tree frog named Hogie, and his best pals, Bernie the Dragonfly, Lorna the Duck, and a hot air balloon named Floaty who crashed into their swamp. The four friends then travel the world together, meeting children of different cultures, and experiencing what it is that makes us all special.

Each episode features eleven minutes of cultural adventures including experiencing Malaysian cultures, celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, sightseeing in Paris, camping in tropical rainforests, chasing camels in Petra, exploring Angkor Wat and many more.

“It's a fantastic start for the series and we look forward to watch Hogie travels across the globe. Moving forward, our strategy is to make Hogie the Globehopper as a 360 intellectual property (IP), where we will move into mobile app and publishing to further develop the content,” said Walid Omar, Founder and Managing Director of Lil Critter Workshop.

Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, Director of the Creative Content & Technologies Division of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), commented: “It is important for the content creators to understand platform suitability, which medium to use and the storytelling methods for their intellectual properties in order to penetrate the global market. We are proud of Lil Critter Workshop and believe the animation series will do well on Netflix.” 

Earlier this year, Hogie the Globehopper was pre-sold to Discovery Kids MENA via its distributor Imira Entertainment, who handles worldwide rights.

From Left: Walid Omar of Lil Critter Workshop and Hasnul Hadi Samsudin from MDEC