BoBoiBoy Galaxy Launches Mobile Game, BoBoiBoy Galactic Heroes

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 27/04/2017

Following its successful launch on Malaysian television, BoBoiBoy Galaxy launched a brand new mobile game titled BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes today for the Southeast Asian market. Published by 8elements; one of Asia’s leading publishers for truly localised games and services, the mobile game is developed by a dedicated mobile game studio in Indonesia, Catlil Games.

Currently available on Google Play Store, the RPG action game is the official game for the hit TV series. The game casts players as BoBoiBoy in his quest to collect Power Spheres; centuries-old robots that were created to grant super abilities, which are scattered and hidden across the galaxy. As the journey progress, players are also able to recruit more companions such as Ying, Gopal, Yaya and Dracolit.

Before the launch, players were invited to pre-register and play the beta version to help fine-tuning the game and contribute to the large community of BoBoiBoy games' fans. As a reward, they received several in-game tokens such as epic heroes, gold and cocoa for power ups.

“We believe BoBoiBoy fans has been waiting for a high quality action role playing game since the series was launched, so today we are proud to publish BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes as a true 3D RPG adventure game and the best BoBoiBoy mobile game so far,” said Joerg Tente, CEO of 8elements.

Alex Gunawan, Founder of Catlil Game Studio added, “BoBoiBoy is not just a mega brand in Indonesia and Malaysia, but in Southeast Asia as well - hence we made the game available in 4 languages; English, Indonesia, Thai and Vietnamese to ensure ultimate gaming experience for Southeast Asian players.”

The Malaysian superheroes also had a number of mobile games under its brand including BoBoiBoy Power SphereBoBoiBoy Adudu Attacks!BoBoiBoy Puzzle ClashBoBoiBoy Speed Battle and others.