MyCreative Awards RM60 Millions Fund to 23 Local Creative Companies

Published by Amirin Arsyan @ 18/05/2017

YB Senator’ Dato Lee Chee Leong, Deputy Minister of Finance, with the funds recipients

The government investment arm, MyCreative Ventures Sdn Bhd (MyCreative) awarded RM60 million financing funds to 23 local companies. The funds were awarded by Yang Berhormat Senator Dato' Lee Chee Leong, Deputy Minister of Finance at iM4U Sentral, Selangor.

Aims to spur the local creative industry through strategic and innovative funding in a form of equity, debt or hybrid of both, the opportunities are open to visual arts, music, literature, creative content, fashion and design, traditional or cultural arts, culinary arts, creative education and creative technology.

“Over 100 companies from ten identified creative pillars have benefited from these RM200 millions of creative funding for the past five years,” said Johan Ishak, Chief Executive Officer of MyCreative.

In addition, MyCreative also announced the Arts and Culture Revitalisation Agenda and Cultural Economy Development Unit implementation to rejuvenate the arts and cultural sector by identifying the market places in Kuala Lumpur to ignite the arts and cultural economic market along with publicity.

“We have gained from creative industry along with other industries. Through intellectual property (IP) conceptual framework such as copyright, these creative artworks have been transformed into economic trades,” said Yang Berhormat Senator Dato' Lee Chee Leong.

Established since 2012, MyCreative is active pursuing potential applicants through roadshows, exhibitions and various initiatives – Fashion Pitch 5, Writers Unleashed 2.0, Visual Arts Pitch 2.0, The Craft Master and StarGlitz 3.


Full List of MyCreative Funds Recipients:


  1. Boombox Records


  1. Off Publishing Sdn Bhd
  2. Ana Muslim
  3. Roman Buku Sdn Bhd
  4. Tebuone Press

Creative Content Creation:

  1. 3Line Media
  2. MIG Group
  3. Real Touch Resources
  4. Persona Pictures
  5. Aquila Emas Sdn Bhd
  6. Pujangga Kreatif Sdn Bhd
  7. Excellent Pictures
  8. ATV Pictures Sdn Bhd
  9. Barking Cow Media Group Sdn Bhd
  10. Pena Creative Pictures Sdn Bhd

Fashion and Design:

  1. AzuraAzwa
  2. LVPL Demiurgic Sdn Bhd
  3. Holeshot Motowear Sdn Bhd
  4. Zeve International Sdn Bhd
  5. Stud Up Industry Sdn Bhd
  6. Mawleed Publishing Sdn Bhd

Creative Education:

  1. Ouch Academy

Culinary Arts:

  1. Cantina Moderna Sdn Bhd

Johan Ishak, Chief Executive Officer of MyCreative, with YB Senator Dato' Lee Chee Leong, Deputy Minister of Finance