Elaine Chong Embodies Oriental Beauty at World Stage

Published by Amirin Arsyan @ 19/06/2017

Elaine Chong crowned as Miss Oriental at the Miss Chinese World 2017

Local rising beauty talent, Chong Jia Ying, or better known as Elaine Chong, 22, embodies oriental beauty which contributed to her winning the Miss Oriental title at the recent Miss Chinese World 2017 beauty pageant competition held at One World Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The pageant is co-organised by Miss Chinese World Sdn Bhd and Legacy Film Sdn Bhd.

Signing up in a beauty pageant gave Elaine the perfect platform to boost her confidence as the contestants were required to participate in various activities such as road shows, sponsor visitations and public engagement. Elaine noted that it was her fluency in the Chinese dialect and English language that made her stand out among other participants and, simultaneously, redefined her as the epitome of oriental beauty.

Elaine expressed that one of the main reasons behind her participation in the pageant stemmed from her intense desire to promote the Chinese culture among Malaysians and to encourage the younger generations to write and speak in Chinese; especially in its authentic calligraphy. She takes pride in her roots and clarified that there are a lot more to the Chinese culture than what has been portrayed, for example, Elaine explained that each of the days during the Chinese New Year festival have its own distinct meaning, including the lion dance which symbolises chasing away demons from catching children.

“I have never stopped taking on new challenges and always try to expand my comfort zone. The urge of advocating to preserve Chinese culture and heritage inspired me to represent Malaysia in this beauty pageant as well fostering good relationship with other Chinese descendants from all over the world,” said the charming lass.

Thanks to her success in nabbing the Miss Oriental title, Elaine looks forward to joining green projects to do her part for the environment, charity missions, as well as events to help in preserving the Chinese culture.

Born on 30th July 1995, Elaine grew up as young village girl in Kampar, Perak where she obtained her Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) Public Relations from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. She is currently a PR & Media Executive at Leadmont Developer Sdn Bhd after spending some time as a student reporter at Sin Chew Daily in Perak – making her the quintessence of beauty with brains.

Back in 2015, Elaine kicked off her pageant career by participating in the Miss Perak Tourism 2015 where she made it into the Top 5 finalist. Fuelled with a positive attitude, fiery passion for life and desire to promote her home state along with the encouragement of Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi, Founder of Miss Chinese World, Elaine garnered the Miss Personality and Miss Lifestyle titles in that pageant. Following that, Elaine represented the Perak state at the Miss Malaysia Tourism Pageant 2015 and was crowned as the Miss Malaysia Tourism Metropolitan 2015/2016.

Elaine names Beyoncé as her idol as she encompasses a strong voice and stage presence that paved her way into becoming one of the greatest entertainer alive today. As an influential celebrity, Beyoncé always encourages leadership in ladies by portraying feminism themes in her albums.

Moving closer to home, Elaine explained that besides Beyoncé, her mother also played an important role in her journey as a beauty pageant contestant. She added that her mother is the most influential person in her life as she always inspires her to be a better person. Elaine described that her mother had long ingrained in her that “As long as you never give up, you can make any dream come true” and that served as one of the core reasons why Elaine sees her mother as “the light in her life.”

Looking forward, Elaine is interested in joining an acting class as she is keen on giving the entertainment industry a try as an actress, when the opportunity arises. With her ravishing beauty and set of polished skills, there’s no doubt that Elaine Chong will be the face of many future commercials, as well as endorsements deals.