Afdlin Shauki and Dato’ AC Mizal Announced A Brand New TV Channel To Elevate The Malaysian Creative Industry

Published by Samentha James @ 20/07/2017

Afdlin Shauki with Dato' AC Mizal after announcing their very own "Syiok TV" channel.

Malaysia’s reputable comedians Afdlin Shauki and Dato’ AC Mizal announced their collaboration in producing a new TV channel called Syiok TV under the duo’s newly-established company, Syiok Media Network, on July 17, 2017 at Comedy Planet, Great Eastern Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Afdlin and Dato’ AC Mizal, known for their comedic antics on the big screen, stated that this venture has long been a dream to them as they had always hoped to create a platform where they could publish their own shows while simultaneously catapulting Malaysia’s entertainment industry to the global arena without foregoing the support of the publishers and content creators.

Syiok TV, using the broadcast license of Dato’ AC Mizal, will be presenting three key concepts which consist of Saluran Komedi (Comedy Channel), Saluran Pelbagai (Variety Channel) and Salurana Inspirasi (Inspirational Channel). The three key concepts is poised to bring positive change the local entertainment industry.

Afdlin Shauki, founder of Syiok TV, reiterated, “It has always been our ambition to operate our very own TV channel. We aim to produce our own programs to elevate the local entertainment industry to a global standard with the support of local producers and content creators.”.

This channel, slated to be launched soon, will be available to the public through mainstream media as well as online channels while new media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more are already in the pipeline.