Malaysian Singer Priscilla Abby Collaborates With WebTVAsia To Release Her First Digital Single, “I Love The Sky”

Published by Samentha James @ 25/07/2017

Priscilla Abby, famed Malaysian YouTuber / Singer, has joined WebTVAsia, Asia’s top digital media entertainment company, to release her first-ever digital single titled, “I Love The Sky.”

The awe-inspiring singer, hailing from Kuching, Sarawak, has been breaking the charts since last July with her EDM covers of global hit songs raking in millions of views and thus, it is hardly surprising why Priscilla was dubbed as one of the most popular YouTube cover singers back in 2016.

Priscilla’s all-new single is more than merely a song to her; the sky represents freedom and unlimited space for growth and it also serves as a constant reminder of the encouragements and blessings that come from God.

“Since my childhood days, I have been mesmerised by the sky; fascinated by the clouds and its ever-changing shapes. Whenever I felt weary, I would look up to the sky and feel the wind sweep all my burdens away - as the negative vibes dissipated, my mind would be clear and I would feel whole again,” expressed the charming songstress.

I Love The Sky, produced, composed and arranged by Jaydon Joo, also from Kuching, is a song that resonates to people from all walks of life. With its soothing undertones, meaningful lyrics, and messages to stay true to one’s self as well as perseverance in chasing one’s dreams, there’s no doubt that this is truly an inspirational piece.

During the launch, WebTVAsia, who continuously supports and encourages young artists in the region to venture out of the norm, also introduced two other artistes, Hao Ren, singer, and Leona Chin, race car driver, who have also joined under their management.