Adam and Alien Landing on Television Soon!

Published by Ainul Ghani @ 15/08/2017

Benchmark Production's Adam & Alien animation coming soon on TV!

Benchmark Productions Sdn Bhd, a local animation company, will soon drop their latest production called Adam & Alien.

The 2D animation is for pre-school children where they can learn the knowledge of animals in the world presented in an entertaining and funny way. It’s cute and comical characters completed with amusing music elements will surely attract these young viewers to watch the series and learning new knowledge at the same time.

The series comes in 13 episodes with two segments that will feature three main characters, Adam, Mi and Mu. They are assigned to find information on animals on earth. The characters will be given a clue as well as the sound and visually displaying of the characteristics of the animals. Antagonist characters make the storyline more interesting, humorous and dramatic.

Watch this short skit of the animation!