Malaysia Proves Its Talents in Hollywood’s “Destruction Los Angeles” Film

Published by Samentha James @ 25/09/2017

Sridhar Sreekakula, producer of Destruction Los Angeles, poses with the official movie poster

Despite being a Hollywood film shot entirely in Los Angeles, the team behind Destruction Los Angeles made the decision on showing the one-day-only worldwide premiere right here in Golden Screen Cinemas, Tropicana City Mall, Kuala Lumpur on September 20, 2017.

This was largely due to the fact that the Barking Cow Media Group’s film may have been impossible without the help of our fellow talented Malaysians. A total of 167 Malaysians collaborated as creative talents in regards to post-production, special-effects and music while American talents centred on acting, producing and writing for the action-adventure film.

“We are proud that we used so many creative talents in Malaysia and we are supported by MAVCAP (Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd.), MyCreativeVentures and FINAS – all the infrastructure in Malaysia for creative talents could be showcased; we are happy to be supporting them and they are happy to support us. So, what other best place would it be to release the film worldwide for the first time?” stated the jovial Sridhar Sreekakula, the producer of the film.

Sreekakula, who has been in the business of distribution and production for 35 years now, stressed that unlike other films of its kind, Destruction Los Angeles was sold first to almost half of the world before it was even made.

The talented producer advised that it’s vital to “follow your passion and your dreams” but the key lies in creativity – one should be creative in producing the story as well as in the marketing and finance sector of the entire production.

Destruction Los Angeles, distributed worldwide by Starz-LionsGate, depicts the story of a fatal volcanic explosion which ignites the largest earthquake to rock the area; devastating Los Angeles and its people. John Benson, top L.A. news reporter, seizes this opportunity to cover the breaking story of increasing seismic activity while he and his family struggle to escape the city as flaming balls of lava and ash rain down on the iconic streets of Hollywood.

This film reminds us that cinema exists not only to make art; it also plays an impressive role in expertly creating sensations like no other medium. When executed well, that can be valuable and astonishing – and that is exactly how Destruction Los Angeles turned out to be.


Crew List:

Director: Tibor Takács
Screenwriter: Ryan Ederer, Krutin Patel, Reza Riazi, Sridhar Sreekakula
Producer: Todd Gilbert, Sridhar Sreekakula, Robert Van Norden
Executive Producer: Sridhar Sreekakula
Cinematographer: Yuki Noguchi
Film Editor: Joe Plenys
Original Music: Ken Hor, Lo Shi Sheng
Production Design: Angel Herrera


Cast List:

Craig Sheffer as John Benson
Cynthia Watros as Cathy Benson
Romeo Miller as Marcus Taylor-Jones
Emmanuelle Vaugier as Margot Taylor
C.J. Valleroy as Derek Benson
Sydne Mikelle as Brooke Benson
Chip Bolcik as Lou
Cosima Cabera as Maria
Rick Chambers as Daniel Diaz
Liberte Chan as Olivia Li
Roger Howarth as Dr. Paul Grant
Ayumi Iizuka as Mrs. Amori