Imaginex Studios to Bring Asian Sounds to the World with Its “Sounds Like Asia” Library

Published by Samentha James @ 30/09/2017

Award-winning Malaysian creative audio production studio, Imaginex Studios Sdn Bhd, is set to create ripples within the industry by being the first Malaysian company to launch a dense library of Asian sounds and audio effects, called Sounds Like Asia.

This feat opens up opportunities for media producers and creators worldwide to access and purchase professionally-recorded Asian-origin sounds for usage in media creations such as films, games, and online/mobile content for professional or private use. 

Sounds Like Asia launches with an initial database of 30,000 sound files, accessible for purchase and download to users all over the world with 24/7 availability.

The audio library encompasses Malaysian atmospheric and ambience sounds, including sounds specifically for film production such as crisp footsteps, subtle movement sounds and other hard effects generated by Imaginex Studios’ dedicated foley team.

Raja Ahmad Shaidaley, head of Studio at Imaginex Studios and project leader for Sounds Like Asia, reiterated, “30,000 is a good foundation to begin with. We will consistently grow the database to include more unique sounds that will truly achieve the goal from a Malaysian to a larger Asian sound library.”

“There are great sound libraries out there, but few meet the needs of building unique Asian sound environments, which is ironic given that we live in Asia! So we figured, let’s build this ourselves, and offer it to the world,” added Raja Ahmad Shaidaley.

Over a year’s effort has been poured into building Sounds Like Asia’s library; with Imaginex Studios’ engineers collecting and recording sounds from across the country, to be sent for editing and compiling at the Kuala Lumpur studios.

Sounds Like Asia is proudly supported by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) through the Creative Industry Development Fund (CIDF) – the body who recognises the unique opportunity to showcase Malaysian soundscapes to the global media producers and creators as well as world-class talents and skillsets in constructing this truly one-of-a-kind Malaysian offering to the world.