iflix is Now Your New Best Friend

Published by Liyana Zainal @ 16/10/2017

Malaysia’s very own, iflix, the world’s leading entertainment service for emerging markets,  is now offering an on-demand service for users to enjoy on their own terms. Jason Monteiro, iflix Asia Marketing Director reiterated that users’ personal viewing pleasure is now reinforced according to your own needs and demands, and iflix 2.0 is all about understanding and supporting each unique user with their favorite content in their preferred format instantly.

The newly upgraded version of iflix, or iflix 2.0, focuses on creating a service tailored to users’ interest. A user who is a huge fan of Sci-Fi movies will be recommended other contents that are related to the genre on the user’s homepage.  

What sets it apart from its competitors is that iflix 2.0 is now localized and personalized for your regional market.  Family movies such as Frozen,  Big Hero 6 and many others are now available in Mandarin and Malay, for both audio and subtitles.

In addition, new Channels have been added, allowing users to access content from some of the world’s most popular entertainment studios. For example, following the Korean craze in Malaysia, users are now able to binge watch through channels such as tvN Movies (Korean movies such as, Train to Busan and One Way Trip), Oh!K (Korean dramas for instance, Lucky Romance and W-Two Worlds) and Aniplus, which caters anime content such as Attack on Titan and Kiznaiver.

Sean Carey, iflix Group Chief Content Officer explained, “We are very excited to add new Channels featuring more of the world’s most popular and beloved entertainment brands to the iflix service. Users now have an intuitive, dynamic way to discover new TV shows and movies from the brands and genres they love, completely on demand and on their terms. “

“This is the future of Pay Television - a vast library of many of the world’s best entertainment programming, accessible from any device, localized and personalized for each user, for a price that anyone can afford,” added Sean during the press conference earlier today.

Within the span of three years, iflix is now available in 22 countries, throughout Asia, Middle East and Africa. Malaysians are able to enjoy the online Internet service on up to five devices, including laptop and television, for just RM10 per month and first time users are able to enjoy free trial for a whole week.