Malaysian Stories Gives Fuel to Jess Teong’s Upcoming Film

Published by Samentha James @ 17/10/2017

Last year, The Kid From The Big Apple brought upon a multitude of emotions to its audiences; from happiness of reminiscing fond memories to regret for lost time, the film left many audiences inspired and visibly moved by the production. Now, director Jess Teong is back with the sequel which promises to tug at our heart-strings, once again.  

According to the director, The Kid From The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget is not solely based on her personal experiences in life as it is heavily influenced by real-life stories, day-to-day reflections and observations within the Malaysian society as well as universal family themes.

Malaysian stories have proven to be globally appealing since the past couple of decades. Films such as The Journey, Ola Bola, and Sepet have been successfully making headlines in many parts of the world – all thanks to our ballooning talent pool in the country.

Jess’ sequel will be following on that same path as this film showcases the authentic lives and challenges of folks in our country. “A good story transcends beyond the borders of our nation and resonates with people from any part of the globe,” explained the director. What truly sets Jess’ way of storytelling apart from the rest is the fact that she goes the extra mile to publish novels with the same storyline as her film; prior to the film even being released. 

Jess confides that the initial drive behind production of the sequel was partly due to her personal desire to work with the characters she fell in love with in the first film. She credits her team for always doing their best to accommodate her requests; even when it is something out of the norm.

However, she adds that the sequel is majorly intended to be inspiring and educational to the audiences. “The issues depicted in the sequel are the same issues that many people in Malaysia, as well as all over the world have been facing for a long time now – but these issues haven’t really been looked at seriously,” clarified Jess.

Without giving too much away, Jess stated, “My aim is to send a message, through the film, to all my audiences on ways to cope with and curb such problems while it is still in its early stages.”

Aside from addressing these issues in depth, the sequel also promises to be emotionally poignant and relatable to Malaysians from all walks of life.

The Kid From The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget, set to hit local cinemas on November 16, returns with the same cast line, along with a couple of new additions such as Debbie Goh and Ti Lung’s son, Hong Kong star Shaun Tam.