Malaysian Award-winning Feature Film Proves That Content Is King

Published by Samentha James @ 01/11/2017

The Kid From The Big Apple, released nationwide last year, depicted a cross-cultural family drama which revolved around an 11-year-old Asian American girl who was left with no choice but to live with her estranged grandfather in Kuala Lumpur while her Malaysian-born single mother had to tend to some urgent businesses in China.

The film turned out to be a true box office success by garnering over RM6 million in ticket sales and numerous international recognitions such as the Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Newcomer and Best Writing at the 2015 Macau International Movie Festival.

Sarah Tan executed the leading role with such finesse alongside other well-known artists such as Hong Kong’s Tommy Tam, better known as Ti Lung, and Jessica Hester Hsuan.

In the past, it was quite a common occurrence to see Malaysians in the likes of Michelle Yeoh and Lee Sinje going over to Hong Kong to star in films. However, The Kid From The Big Apple was filmed entirely in our humble country with renowned award-winning veteran artist Ti Lung taking on the role as the strict-but-loving grandfather. 

On top of that, Ti Lung is set to receive the “Lifetime Achievement Award” in recognition of his immense contribution to the film industry at Malaysia’s first-ever International Film Festival & Awards, organised by the Professional Film Workers’ Association of Malaysia (PROFIMA), to be held from November 4 to 6 in Kuala Lumpur.

The high-spirited actor has played heroic roles in countless films and TV dramas since way back in the 70s. Ti Lung is known for his many starring roles in Shaw Brothers Studio’s films, namely The Blood Brothers, The Duel, The Sentimental Swordsman and its sequel, as well as the classic A Better Tomorrow where he acted alongside Chow Yun-fat.

This just goes to show that in the world of filmmaking, it is the essence of the story that matters. A good, compelling story will be able to attract international superstars to be a part of the creative process and, simultaneously, increase the film’s awareness at an international level.

Now, the team behind The Kid From The Big Apple is ready to unleash another great story through its upcoming sequel. Returning with the same cast line along with a couple of new additions such as Debbie Goh and Ti Lung’s son, Shaun Tam, the film is set to hit the silver screens on November 16.

According to Director Jess Teong, it took Ti Lung a month to agree to the first film but for the sequel, 24 hours was all it took for the Hong Kong star to jump on board – proving that content is truly king.