CENDANA Launches Funding Programme To Stimulate Artistic Ambition Among Malaysians

Published by Samentha James @ 19/12/2017

The Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) is set to roll out its first-ever funding programme come January next year. The Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme was launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak back in September.

CENDANA is urging those in performing arts, visual arts, and independent music to apply for this programme where successful applicants will be awarded RM30,000 each to support the creation, adaptation or re-development of distinctive artistic content. The fund is to cover direct expenses of the artists’ creation and development process.

Founding CEO of CENDANA, Izan Satrina said, “Fair access to opportunities is a critical issue facing our arts communities today. Hence, via this funding programme, we hope it will stimulate artistic ambition in addition to providing artists the time and space for them to develop their work, engaging peers or participants and create lasting and meaningful stories/music.”

“CENDANA is motivated to have compelling Malaysian stories/music that will have an appeal to the wider audience, and in the medium-term contribute to our economic objectives,” added Izan.

Those keen are encouraged to submit their application at www.cendana.com starting from January 2 until February 12, 2018. The funding programme is open to Malaysians, Malaysian permanent residents, or groups containing majority of Malaysians who are actively engaged in the Malaysian arts and culture scene with a track record of at least three years.  

Continuing its efforts in building a vibrant and inspiring cultural economy in Malaysia, CENDANA has revealed that there will be more strategic efforts in the pipeline. This includes another funding programme crafted for presentation of Malaysian arts and to enable mobility which will be announced in the near future.