Branding Association of Malaysia Celebrates 18 years of Excellence by Honouring Nation Builders

Published by Samentha James @ 29/01/2018

Branding Association of Malaysia commemorated its 18th year by holding a prestigious Branding Gala –The Red Carpet Affair at Hilton Kuala Lumpur on January, 17. This event was held specially to honour the individuals who have contributed significantly to the building of our nation.

The Nation Builder Tribute aims to pay tribute to the select Malaysians that have been recognised globally in areas such as Government, Academia, Economic, Humanitarian & Social, Culture & Arts, Sports, Science & Technology and Philanthropy.

Branding Association Malaysia President Datuk Eric Chong stressed that the association is not merely about business – nation building is also its priority. “We have had a patriotic vision since our founding by the late Mr Jeff Long 18 years ago – to champion national branding! After all, businesses can only do well if the country is doing well, and vice versa, a country can only do well if its businesses are doing well,” clarified the association president.

The event saw the fifth Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi being honoured for his efforts in eradicating corruption and creating a fair and open society. The former PM, fondly called the “Father of Human Capital Development”, was represented by his assistant special officer Dr Muhammad Hakimi Mohd Shafiai.

Meanwhile, the second recipient of the esteemed recognition was Rimbunan Hijau Group Founder and Media Chinese International Limited (MCIL) Executive Chairman Tan Sri Tiong Hiew Kin. He was honoured for his immense economic contribution to Malaysia as well as for championing the Malaysian Chinese culture. The tribute was received by MCIL Executive Director Tiong Choon, who is also Tan Sri Tiong’s daughter.

AirAsia and AirAsia X Group Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes was the third recipient who was honoured for creating one of the world’s foremost budget airlines and truly making “now everyone can fly” a reality. AirAsia has made the nation proud globally and the story behind this brand will inspire many generations of Malaysians to come.

The Branding Gala – The Red Carpet Affair also witnessed the induction of another 30 new members who were presented with their membership certificates. The momentous event was attended by dignitaries from embassies, government officials, business leaders, brand owners, CEOs as well as friends of the Branding Association of Malaysia.