Amrit Kaur Dhillon Credits Resilience In Her Win as Miss India Worldwide Malaysia 2018

Published by Samentha James @ 14/02/2018

From left: Second runner up (Mrs) Gaithri Cheran, first runner up (Mrs) Maynicca Devi Rajamanikam, winner (Mrs) Jeya Priya Pandian, winner (Miss) Amrit Kaur Dhillon, first runner up (Miss) Tinaprit Dhillon, second runner up (Miss) Joanna Joseph.

A 28-year-old law graduate, model cum actress was crowned as Miss India Worldwide Malaysia 2018 at a glitzy event in De’ Royale Ballroom Shah Alam on February 10. This win makes Amrit Kaur Dhillon the first-ever title-holder of the inaugural pageant.

Hailing from a small town in Shah Alam, Amrit has always held the dream of winning a beauty pageant. However, lack of confidence led her to believe that she was not fit for the role.

Realisation hit her back in 2014 during her tenure as a student in England. As Amrit was completing her degree, it was then that she realised her full potential in terms of her abilities and strength. This was the same time when Amrit begin developing a serious interest in participating in a beauty pageant. 

It was not the glitz and glamour that attracted Amrit to the beauty pageant scene; it was the fact that this would give her the perfect platform to promote beauty with a purpose. She emphasises that beauty pageants shape young girls into strong women by taking them on a journey of self-discovery – just like how she has evolved throughout her experience.

When she first represented Malaysia in the Miss Global beauty pageant, she was in the midst of doing her post-graduate in law. Amrit, who is not one to stay idle, was juggling between her studies, the pageant world as well as a part-time job. As this was her first entrance into the pageant world, she had to be her own trainer and critic; taking up an immense amount of time.

It reached a point where her law school’s Head of Department posed an ultimatum to her; Amrit was asked to choose between her education or the beauty pageant. This was because she had major course works that were due just a day after the grand final followed by final exams a week after. Being a resilient woman, Amrit refused to allow either one go and strived to rise above the challenge. With her sheer determination, she was successful in both areas.  

Speaking on her prestigious win as Miss India Worldwide Malaysia 2018, Amrit explains, “Winning this title represents true success to me. I believe that one has to go through a lot of hurdles before being able to attain success and I know that this is true for me. It is only through overcoming hardship that one may be able to become a better person and use it as a means to lift others up. To me, this is what a true beauty queen should do.”

“As much as it is exciting to be the winner of Miss India Worldwide Malaysia 2018, this is also a huge responsibility as I will be carrying the name of our country on an international platform. It may be a daunting task but I believe that I am ready. I am truly honoured and blessed to be able to do this for Malaysia,” added the young beauty.

Amrit will be making her way unto the world stage later this year to represent Malaysia at the Miss and Mrs India Worldwide pageant, alongside winner of the Mrs category 39-year-old Jeya Priya Pandian. The beauties will be competing against 40 other contestants to win the coveted titles.