McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018 Continues To Recognise Visionary Leaders In This Year’s Edition

Published by Samentha James @ 03/04/2018

As the entrepreneurial world progresses at immense speed, the global economic landscape turns even more challenging. In times like this, outstanding corporate leadership becomes a key factor in leading companies to success. McMillan Woods Global President Dato’ Seri Raymond Liew has long realised this fact which led to the inception of his esteemed McMillan Woods Global Awards.

This year, the Global Awards is set to make a grand comeback for its 6th consecutive year with a theme that encompasses the very essence of this prestigious awards – The Great Gatsby.

Armed with the mission of recognising achievements and successes of visionary entrepreneurs globally, Liew positions his awards on an entirely different platform. There is an aura of exclusivity surrounding the Global Awards as there is simply no other way of gaining a nomination aside from being selected by the organising body itself.

The extraordinary awards only recognises recipients who carry out their duties with great integrity, accountability, responsibility and professionalism levels that surpass their peers. This resonates with Liew’s philosophy that no goal is unattainable if there is enough mind, body and soul poured into it.

Besides acknowledging the recipients winning qualities and achievements, the Global Awards serves to stand as an encouragement to corporate leaders in remaining competitive and being resilient enough to overcome the many global challenges that is bound to come their way.

Over the course of the years, the Global Awards ceremony has also established itself as a solid platform for business networking opportunity among top entrepreneurs. This has successfully led to the emergence of new business potentials while, simultaneously, spurring the global industrial growth.

In 2016, the Global Awards awarded a total of 32 prominent individuals while 2017 saw a hike in the figure by recording a total of 36 award recipients. Previous award recipients included established figures such as well-known Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan, 2012 World Richest Woman Georgina Hope Reinhart, iM4U fm’s Kartini Kamalul Ariffin, Malaysian renowned singer Ning Baizura and Only World Group’s Tan Sri Dato' Sri Datuk Richard Koh. This raises the question: How many will successfully make the cut this year?

This will all be revealed at Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur come May 23rd – who will be McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018’s crème de la crème global visionary leaders?