Miss & Mrs Chipao 2018 Embodied Beauty and Grace

Published by Amirul Sanusi @ 16/04/2018

A finance major student was chosen to be crowned Miss Chipao 2018 Beauty Pageant competition held in Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. The 22-year-old was stunned when she was announced to be the winner for this year’s competition beating 15 other contestants to win the title. Kellie Liew was named the new Miss Chipao 2018 as she embodied elegance and grace throughout the competition and sailed through the final round.

Kellie Liew after the crowning ceremony of Miss Chipao 2018

For the Mrs Chipao category, Esther Micheal was chosen to be the winner and took home the crown beating 7 other contestants respectfully. The petroleum geolist from Sarawak nailed every stage of the competition; exemplifying a powerful woman juggling roles as a mom-of-three, career and recently crowned beauty queen. 

Esther Micheal dazzled during the competition.

The contestants went through few stages of the competition and were assessed by a panel of judges based on their performace for each stage. The competition was organized to preserve, nurture, and promote the Chinese culture and traditions in Malaysia.


 “We are very happy with the overall performance of the contestants and we need more exposure outside of Klang Valley area and we hope to expand the pageantry outside of the KL region so we will promote this competition to major cities such as in Penang, Johor, Pahang, Sabah and Sarawak,” expressed Jason Hee, President & Founder of Miss & Mrs Chipao 2018.