Discovering Full Potential of Modern Digital Industry Through Blockchain Forum

Published by Amirul Sanusi @ 17/04/2018

Malaysian owned company has become one of the industry key players by organizing ‘The Future of Blockchain Forum’ recently, held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The discussion covered multiple topics and led by a panel of prominent speakers from the Middle East and China aimed to educate the public about the nature of the industry.


More than 1000 participants attended the event to gain knowledge about the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The first section of the forum focused on SEDA; Blockchain Platform For Recruitment Industry that explained on the main objective, which is to create a more linear and transparent onboarding and cost effective with high scalability in human capital department. During this section, the participants were enlightened on ways of blockchain technology can improve employability rate. SEDA also aimed to become a streamline validation as a service provider, which focuses on creating, verified data collection module for future decentralized recruitment marketplace.

A panel of renowned international speakers on stage

The second section focused on Bitbuts Interactive Sdn Bhd, which uses blockchain technology to create an intelligence economy for games industry. Bitbuts is building a new platform to venture into the future of gaming where blockchain technology transforms the gaming industry by increasing security and playability. Their platform, Blueprints is set to ‘redefine game skins’ and will offer users true ownership of certain game assets, centered on the concepts of intelligence. Blueprints are a form of intelligence assigning to its owner, which has special right to construct buildings and spawn characters and they can monetize their assets by renting their blueprints to other players. The Blueprints platform is set to release in Q4 2018.

The last section emphasized on current and future plans of Ledgit as a business entity that focuses on supply chain industry. Through the existing apps, the consumers are able to access the roots and origins as well as to ensure the quality, authenticity, and ownership of the products are accurate. It also helps to maintain the trust between business-to-business (B2B), and consumers-to-consumers (C2C). Ledgit is planning to expand their partnership horizon with governments, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and the end-users all over the globe by promoting transparency of information flow in provenance ecosystem.

Ledgit also focus on cultural lineage feature that enable the public to track down their origins and ancestries while maintaining intangible values that can be used for future generations.

Press conference session