Studio2:15 Becomes Malaysia’s First Short Form Series Premiered on iflix

Published by Amirul Sanusi @ 24/04/2018

iflix and Macam Yes Studios, the team behind DanKhoo Productions, had announced the premiere of Studio2:15’s first Malaysian short-form original, Cupid Co. The-six-part series can be streamed and downloaded exclusively on iflix for free. 

Written and directed by Malaysian YouTube veterans, Brian Lee and Ernest Ng, with Dan Khoo as Co-director and Executive Producer, Cupid Co. stars Michael Lean (Kael) as Tim, Michelle Leong as Michelle, Dennis Yin as Bruce, Amanda Ang as Director Evans, Tanesh as Eugene, and Ernest Ng as Matt.

Cupid Co. tells the tale of a cupid named Tim who, against the laws of heaven, makes a human, Michelle, fall in love with him. Stuck with the decision to let love run its course or adhere to the strict rules that cupids must abide by, Tim faces the consequences of his actions, navigating life, love, and mistakes with his best-friend and colleague, Bruce, by his side.  

“This is iflix's first endeavor in creating short-form content. We are thrilled to partner with one of Malaysia’s finest and most acclaimed homegrown content creators, whilst giving them a whole new platform to expand their talent and creativity. The vision underscores iflix's commitment to work closely with creator communities, developing localized content that appeals to our local audiences. Mobile users are the driving force in internet viewing, and Cupid Co. is the first of many projects lined up for release in the next few months as part of Studio2:15,”expressed Head of Studio - Studio2:15, Craig Galvin.

“By recognizing a rise in demand for quality short-form content and iflix Originals in particular, we saw an amazing opportunity for collaboration with local content creators that would allow them a broader platform to exhibit their talent and ideas. Our work with Macam Yes Studios is just the beginning of our localization plans and we look forward to showcasing even more locally produced short-form content to eager audiences, both locally and regionally,” iflix Malaysia and Brunei Country Manager, Diana Boo added. 

(From left to right) - Diana Boo, Country Manager, iflix Malaysia & Brunei, Dennis Yin, Character: Bruce, Brian Lee, Director & Writer, Ernest Ng, Co-Director, Writer & Character: Matt, Dan Khoo, Co-Director & Executive Producer, Founder of Macam Yes Studios, Michael Lean (Kael), Character: Tim, Michelle Leong, Character: Michelle, Amanda Ang, Character: Director Evans, Tanesh, Character: Eugene, and Craig Galvin, Head of Studio - Studio 2:15