WebTVAsia Launched LUVE OTT in Taiwan

Published by Amirul Sanusi @ 02/05/2018

Digital media entertainment company WebTVAsia has launched LUVE, Asia’s premiere original video platform with the most influential Asian creators, in its newest market Taiwan.

The Founder and Group CEO Fred Chong announced the remarkable expansion at the annual industry leaders’ convention, Asia Pacific Opera tor Summit (APOS) 2018. LUVE (pronouced “Love”) originates from the combination of two words: “LOVE” + “YOU” or “U” in which the term “YOU” represents each of the three important stakeholders in the media entertainment ecosystem: Audiences, Brands and Advertisers. The platform believes next generation Asian audiences are better served with cutting-edge exclusive content from their favourite creators, which in turn increases engagement and interactivity with advertisers who demand such brand loyalty.

“We have been pioneering the YouTube MCN ecosystem for Asian creators since 2013 and with over 3,000 top channels and a monthly viewership of 15 billion minutes from 170 million subscribers, WebTVAsia is now ready to leverage on our proven track records and make LUVE the future of Asian millennial entertainment,” expressed Fred Chong.

From Left to Right: LUVE Taiwan CEO Tony Chang, WebTVAsia Taiwan CEO VC Tan, WebTVAsia Group COO Victor Chin and LUVE Thailand CEO Soon Seng Chu.

The LUVE original studio focuses on eight most wanted genres: variety entertainment; fashion & beauty; music; community & social; scripted originals; lifestyle; sports; food and travel. It commissions creators and producers for highly acclaimed and commercially attractive original content. Additionally, LUVE also signed multi-year content licensing deals with over 100 top creators, producers and MCNs to bolster its rich offerings.

Further details on more original content, top creators and new markets in Asia will be announced via its official website http://www.luve.tv/

From Left to Right: LUVE Thailand CEO Soon Seng Chu, LUVE Taiwan CEO Tony Chang, WebTVAsia Taiwan CEO VC Tan, WebTVAsia Group CEO Fred Chong & WebTVAsia Group COO Victor Chin.