McMillan Woods Global Awards Lives up to Its Name

Published by Sabrina Alauddin @ 08/05/2018

International and prestigious has always been synonymous to the McMillan Woods Global Awards. This coming May 23rd, Shangri-La Hotel would once again witness the momentous and glamorous event of the award night. The night is definitely sets for an atmosphere of jubilant, opulence and revelry.

The formation of the McMillan Woods Global Awards is a prestigious recognition to the achievement of global leading business visionaries who are leaders across all industry sectors and to honour their significant fundamental contributions in their respective fields towards the global economic development.


Not only that, the global awards presentation provides a solid platform for business networking opportunities among the successful visionary entrepreneurs for global collaboration. These initiatives will serve as a catalyst for the emergence of new business potentials and to spur the global industrial growth. Renowned International figureheads such as Datuk Jackie Chan (Hong Kong artist), Dr Binod K Chaudhary (Richest Man in Nepal), Robert Chu Wen Tin (Taiwan) and Suran Pather (Australia) has graced the event before.

Sotiris Anthoniades, an award recipient from Cyprus commented “It’s certainly worth the wait and the long journey all the way from Cyprus to receive this prestigious award. Thank you McMillan Woods.”

Showcasing its prestige, this award aims to inspire other entrepreneurs to step up their game and be on par with global industry players. The opportunity to be in the same room and network with top names across the world made this award night stand out from others. Dato’ Seri Raymond Liew, founder of McMillan Woods Global Awards shared, “Success begets success. Award recipients get to network with fellow recipients via networking sessions, WhatsApp groups, talks and meetings. They keep in touch with one another even after the event is over. Besides friendship, there have been mutual business collaborations and partnerships forged between recipients.” 

Check out the video below!