Malaysian-made movie, Million Loves In Me received 100 awards and nominations internationally

Published by Amirul Sanusi @ 28/05/2018

Multi-award winning movie “Million Loves in Me” made its debut onto the silver screen on 24th May 2018. Directed by Sampson Yuen Yun Hong, the leading cast of “Million Loves in Me” includes acclaimed Hong Kong award winning actress Lo Koon Lan. The film is inspired by a famous court case handled by the producer himself before his retirement.

“Million Loves in Me” has already received over 100 international awards and nominations in 36 film festivals globally since February 2017.  Seven-time Hong Kong Best Supporting Actress award winner Lo Koon Lan also achieved Best Actress Award, a new peak for her acting career from the success of this movie.

Lead actor John Y, marked as a newcomer in the industry, also serves as the Executive Producer and Script Writer to this film.  Prior to the movie industry, John Y was a practicing lawyer.  Before participating in “Million Loves in Me”, he had starred in two short films too.

“Million Loves in Me” so far brings John Y 7 Best Actor awards in the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, the Vienna Independent Film Festival in Austria, the Asia-Pacific International Film Festival, World Film Awards, and Balinese Film Awards among others.

The production crew also receives 5 nominations at the 2018 Nice International Filmmaker Festival in France and 7 nominations at the Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival in Netherlands. On top of winning and nominated for countless awards at prestigious film festivals worldwide, MLIM has also received certification from Malaysia Book of Records for "The Most Number of Awards won by an Independent Feature Film”.

The story brings out the relationship between people and their pets, creating a different feeling to movie-goers about love and life. The movie premiered on 24th May in Malaysia, where Lo Koon Lan and John Y participated in a series of promotional activities in Malaysia

Photo courtesy of ‘Million Loves In Me’ Facebook page.

The Director, Mr Sampson Yuen and the casts of Million Loves In Me