The Internationally Acclaimed Miss Cosmopolitan World (MCW) 2018 Returns for its Fourth Year With over 30 Countries Participating

Published by Sabrina Alauddin @ 21/06/2018

Amelia Productions recently held a press conference in One World Hotel announcing the comeback of the fourth annual beauty pageant, Miss Cosmopolitan World (MCW) 2018. MCW is an International Beauty Pageant comprising of candidates from over 30 countries.

Starting in 2015, some of MCW objectives include creating a platform to foster unity and understanding among Asia and the world, increase diversity and strengths of the participating countries by showcasing their individual talents, and provide opportunities for candidates to further develop interpersonal skills through individual and group activities including public speaking and various related events. 

Amelia Liew, Founder of Miss Cosmopolitan World

Amelia Liew, founder of Miss Cosmopolitan World explained, “Every girl deserves a chance to shine and walk that stage. We are here to groom, train and motivate all those who have the goal to grow further.”

“It is a really challenging task to be the first to organise something new for the first time in Malaysia, but if you don’t take the first step you will never know.” “I have gained much and now proud to say I’m the Founder and Organiser of Miss Cosmopolitan World in Malaysia,” she added.

MCW is an innovation laid for a new foundation for regional beauty pageants and further promote the culture of beauty pageantry in the world. It aims to create an international standards of beauty pageant while making Malaysia known through the events and talents trained.

Miss Cosmopolitan World (MCW) 2018 is hosted by Amelia Productions with the support of Tourism Malaysia and Penang, Perak, Pahang, Melaka and Selangor State tourism.  For more information, please visit

Chanelle Wong, Top 5 Miss Cosmopolitan World 2017