Celebration of Malaysia’s Top Dining Experience

Published by Areef Aiman @ 10/08/2018

The World Gourmet Awards 2018 will be held in the 29th November 2018 making its 2nd appearance after successful debut last year. . This year around, the Top Gourmet Awards “participation has been overwhelming as industry players, including restaurants and hotels have come forward to showcase their high standards of excellence”, said Peggy Chong, event organizer who is also the President of the Malaysian Chapter of the International Business Federation (IBF).

This prestigious awards is revolutionary as it does not only recognize restaurants’ superior cuisine, service and dining experiences but also recognize unique neighbourhood eateries or niche business models. The recognition will be decided by food connoiseurs who will judge based on food quality, service and dining experience, public review, ambience, menu selection, value and price structure. To step it up a notch, the award decision will be overview by world-renowned Master Chef Jeffrey Tan from Australia, the award’s official Ambassador.

The award was created with the nation’s economy in mind. The idea was to stimulate the nation’s economy through cross learning, business networking, business matching, industry talks, exhibitions, workshops, events, educational tours and other activities to benefit both businesses and customers.

In conjunction to the Gourmet Award, there is also the One Caring Heart Malaysia: CSR Excellence Award 2018 aimed to celebrate outstanding philanthropist of the year whose contribution to One Caring Heart has helped the organization to care for the less fortunate. “This event is organized with the intention to enchance collaboration amongst NGOs and to appreciate community leaders in line with the objectives of One Caring Heart Malaysia”, said Puan Sri Datin Seri (Dr.) Suan Cheah, the award’s Patron, who is also the EXCO member of Sunway Group.

Peggy Chong, President of the Awards, Master Chef Jeffrey Tan and VIPs supporting the world Top Gourmet Awards 2018