EXPEDIA Add-On Advantage Launched in Malaysia, Rewarding Flexibility & Convenience with Up to 58% Discount on Hotel Bookings

Published by Areef Aiman @ 25/09/2018

When it comes to travel, Malaysians tend to be a lot pickier, cost-conscious and also tend to spend a lot more time researching for the vacation that may lead to late bookings and thus, higher prices. According to the survey, 84 percent of Malaysian travellers agreed that spending time researching and planning for their travel will help them land a good deal, with 67 percent expressing disappointment should they find a better deal when they have already secured their booking. With the launch of the all-new Expedia Add-On Advantage, Malaysians can say goodbye to late booking charges, price hikes and enjoy unconditional flexibility the moment they book a flight or a package with Expedia. Without any pressure of having to race against time, Malaysians can return at any time up until the day of travel to book unlimited number of hotel rooms at a discounted rate up to 58 percent off. 

Lavinia Rajaram, Regional Head of Communications of Brand Expedia

Lavinia Rajaram, Regional Head of Communications of Brand Expedia who is a passionate traveller herself, explains the reasoning behind such moves, “Over the years, we have introduced product enhancements to put the power of experiencing the world right into the traveller’s hands. Our focus was to make it easier, more accessible and enjoyable for people to research and book travel with seamless experience on any device. The launch of Expedia Add-On Advantage today is yet another example of how we are putting insights we’ve gathered from our consumers, suppliers, and industry partner to work by improving our travel booking experience”. 

When asked the question on hours they would spend on specific activities, 52 percent of Malaysians surveyed said they would spend more than five hours per month researching for a week-long holiday, taking precedence over other career (34 percent) and health related (31 percent) research.

Presentation of the EXPEDIA Add-On Advantage to the members of press and media.

The survey done by the company was comprehensive in the manner that it takes everything into account. This is hand in hand with Brand Expedia’s mission which to take an insights-driven approach to developing new products and services by providing choices with great savings and making it easy to help people travel better and travel more. And lastly, when asked how they would spend the money saved from booking travel, 65 percent would spend it on food and drinks while on holiday, 50 percent responded that they would put it towards their next holiday and 48 percent would spend it on tours, excursions or activities while on holiday.

Ms. Lynn Siew, Founder and Executive Director of Ruyi & Lyn (a subsidiary of Oriental Group) and Mr. Adam Ham, CEO of Global Creative & Media Agency (GCMA)

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