[VIDEO EXCLUSIVE] MBR Live! Witnessed 62 New Record Broken

Published by Areef Aiman @ 04/10/2018

The pursuit of excellence. Nothing best described the 3-day event in Sunway Velocity Mall as talented Malaysians competing to make their way into The Malaysia Book of Records. With the determination of Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and many other world record breakers, this event is a testament of pure unique talents of individuals nationwide. It is also served as the perfect platform for them to get recognition of their hard work. This is the place where talent and hard work reached a common ground.

Some of the highlights of the events were 'Most Yo-yo Eli Hops in 30 Seconds’(Min: 60 times or more), ‘Youngest World Junior Wushu Champion’ (10 Years Old),‘Longest Distance Run on a Treadmill - Man’ (Previous Record 150.3km, 24 hours), and ‘Longest Non-Stop Live Broadcasting Business Talk by an Individual (24 hours)’.