Malaysia’s First Blockchain Game Is Set to Be Released by End of this Year

Published by Areef Aiman @ 05/10/2018

iCandy Interactive Limited, a publicly traded game developer is launching the much anticipated CryptantCrabs, the first game designed and developed in Southeast Asia to fit the Ethereum blockchain. CryptantCrab is a Blockchain PVP game centered on artistically illustrated crabs that you can battle, mutate, collect and trade.

CryptantCrab official banner

A hatched Crab has 4 important parts, the body which contains the heart, then the left pincer, the right pincer, and the legs. Each body part depending on the player falls into one of these Element Classes, Fire, Earth, Metal, Spirit, and Water, each has an advantage and disadvantage on two of the other elements. Each Crab has an element dependent on their body, and each other body part provides a certain amount of resistance to damage. The aim to find the right balance for your Crab during battle.

(Left to right) Earth, Fire, Metal, Spirit and Water Crab

The Elemental Chart

To kick things off, iCandy has announced that a Bounty campaign will officially start on the 4th of October 2018, which will give One CryptanCrabs for early adopters.  The game pre-sale begins on 25th of October 2018.  Early birds will be rewarded with Pioneer status where this status will be visible in-game, a higher chances of obtaining Legendary CryptantCrabs and also Unique Legendary CryptantCrab variants that are only exclusive for this event.

How to play? You will need a cryptocurrency wallet using Ether to purchase a Crab. From then on, you can customize and upgrade your Crabs using Cryptant, which you can acquire through trade, battle or collect. Upgrade your Crab to the maximum and decide whether to keep them or sell them. A crab with matching sets of body and limbs would be huge cash out. For more information, visit

A Spirit Crab with matching body-limb Elements. Would not want to battle any Earth and Metal Crab.