Celebrating the Kid in You Through Pizza Hut’s “Siapa Kena” Challenge

Published by Areef Aiman @ 19/10/2018

The all-new Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza

Bringing the game up a notch, Pizza Hut is re-introducing the all-new Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza.  What’s new this time around is the introduction of an unexpected explosion of taste that will raise the stake in your next dining experience, be it with family, or with friends.

Out of the 18 cheesy bites that is filled with cheddar, 2 are instead filled with spicy chili bites that is sure to spice up the dining experience altogether. The customer will also soon be introduced to the sour bites as a substitute for the spicy bites in the coming months.

The contest standout featuring the cast of Gol & Gincu Vol. 2

This revolutionary step is taken by QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn. Bhd, the brand owner of Pizza Hut Malaysia and Singapore, to invoke the playful childhood memories and make dining a more memorable and joyful experience. “Our new Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza is built on the insight that since childhood, generations of Malaysian children have “pranked” each other as a way to play. We are now recreating this playfulness, by giving customers a chance to kena one another with the Chicken Cheesy Bites which is filled with unexpected explosion of taste, letting friends reconnect, bond and of course get a good laugh”, says Merrill Pereyra, the Chief Executive Office of Restaurants Division of the company.

Pizza Hut Management with Gol & Gincu Vol. 2 casts and producer.

In the relation of celebrating friendships, KFC is also partnering up with the Gol & Gincu Vol. 2 film. Themed “Bringing friendship to life”, Gol & Gincu Vol. 2 cast Diana Danielle, Aedy Asharaf and Jad Hidhir, demonstrated just how much fun it would be the high stake food is, pranking each other just to show how easy it is to rediscover the simple joy of reconnecting and bonding.

Diana Danielle, one of the leading actress of Gol & Gincu Vol. 2