GOL & GINCU Vol. 2: The Epitome of Women Empowerment

Published by Areef Aiman @ 29/10/2018

13 years of anticipation ended with the reboot of the year, Gol & Gincu 2 opens in theater on 25th October 2018 and are well accepted by movie lovers nationwide.  The movie has surely outdone itself from the original Gol & Gincu which was released in 2005. This latest reboot portrays Friendship, Positivity and Perseverance is the three centers on which the film builds itself making it one of the best Malaysian coming of age film.

Centered around Diana Danielle’s character Zac and Ummi Nazeera as Yaya, the movie takes on their university life on a rough start and start mending things through their meetings with the souls that will define the movie. These two real life young moms go out of the way and portray their ever youthfulness and breaking the traditional gender stereotypes.

Gol & Gincu Vol. 2 cast and production team, (left to right) Aida Noris, Intan Serah, Aedy Ashraf, Diana Danielle, Jad Hidhir, Umi Salwana Omar, Lina Tan, Sharifah Amani, Ummi Nazeera, Grace Ng, Syafiq Kyle, Annabel Michael, Nik Nasuhah.

When asked about the movie’s DNA of fashion and sports, producer Lina Tan explained that Red Films believe that this movie still upholds the original equilibrium of both elements in this film. Futsal remains the binding story that relates most of the characters in the film. While fashion is integrated seamlessly through cameos from 10 of our local designers such as Alia Bastaman, Rico Rinaldi and Zaimi Zulkifli to name a few.

This new take on the decade long awaited film was a result of the hard work of Umi Salwana Omar, the film director whose resume is impressive, having work behind the scenes for iconic films like Songlap, Istanbul Aku Datang and this year’s blockbuster hit Crazy Rich Asians.

Sazzy Falak returns in this reboot

Another interesting feature is the portrayal of the use of social media inside the film itself. This feature executed beautifully and seems seamless in the whole storytelling making it integral for a modern day era movie. When asked about the movie’s timeline, Lina Tan explained that this is a sequel from the first film indeed but following the DNA of the movie about the youth, the production believe portraying the new generation of actors makes it more relatable to the viewers. Nonetheless, the return of the beloved characters of Sharifah Amani’s Kak Jijie and Sazzy Falak’s Shasha definitely spice up the story and make the series follower leave the theater with a shed or two.