Diamonds are Forever… Especially on Lewré’s Newest 1.2 Million Dollars Wedding Shoes

Published by Areef Aiman @ 02/11/2018

The 6-months long collaboration between Lewré Bespoke and Cartivia Italy has finally reaped its results. The ambitious project was aimed to provide comfort and functionality paired together with haute couture design.

The USD 1.2 million shoes on display at Nicsmann 1940

The design which came from Dato’ Lewre Lew himself, is an adaptation from the upcoming ‘I Love You’ Premium Collection. The renowned royal shows couturier latest experiment with elegant jewelry and fine diamonds is complemented by Cartivia’s mastery in the fitting and embedding of precious stones onto Lewré Bespoke’s shoes. The process of embedding the diamonds and white gold itself took Cartivia 2 months to complete.

Dato’ Lewre Lew, Founder and Chairman of Lewré Bespoke, alongside HRH Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom

The high quality of the wedding shoes, which is a Lewré Bespoke’s masterpiece, is fitted with the highest quality of materials with the cover of the shoes made of premium Italian T. Rasso silk.

The highlight of the event is undeniably the valuation of the shoes, which was record-breaking. The final worth of the shoes which is USD 1.2 million,  approximately 5 million in Ringgit Malaysia represents a new Malaysian record as ‘The Most Expensive Wedding Shoes’ in the Malaysia Book of Records.

Dato’ Bernard Teo of Cartivia Sdn. Bhd. with the official recognition from Malaysian Book of Records

The event also features the launch of Lewré Bespoke’s ‘I Love You’ Premium Collection. The collection allows customization of gems to be put on the shoes. It features 12 designs with each featuring a birthstone as its main embellishment.

As to the question of who’s the Cinderella premiering with this 1.2 million dollar shoes, the answer is Gillian Ooi, daughter of Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi, who just got married last Saturday (20th October 2018).