Published by Amirul Sanusi @ 08/11/2018

After  a  decade  in  music  industry,  Malaysia  has  been  chosen  as  Afgan’s  first  location  to  celebrate  his  10th Anniversary  as  a  recording  artiste  with  a  special  and  intimate  concert,  Konsert  DEKADE  Live  in  Kuala  Lumpur  2018.  The  screams  of  more  than  2000  fans  at  Plenary  Hall,  KL  Convention  Centre  proved  this  Indonesia’s  singer  songwriter  excellence. This  concert  was  promised  to  be  totally  different  from  any  other Afgan’s  concert  in  Malaysia  before.  “This  concert  is  going  to  be  very  personal,  it’s  my  way  of  saying  thank  you  to  all  the  fans.  I  want  to  take  the  audience  on  a  personal  journey  of  mine,  I’m  going  to  share  my  deepest  thoughts  and  feelings  after  10  years  of  doing  this.  Being  this  up  close  and  personal,  is  something  that  I’ve  never  done  before” said  Afgan.

Afgan interacting with his biggest fans

Konsert DEKADE Live in Kuala Lumpur 2018 went on for almost 3 hours and started with a song called Jalan Terus which showcased Afgan’s vocal abilities on its own class. Afgan’s distinct vocal abilities and different music arrangements successfully brought the audience into an intimate and romantic ambience and witnessed a recap of his journey since the very first album Confession No.1 in 2008 until his most recent release, DEKADE.

Afgan, who was accompanied by The Gandarianz performed his hits songs selection such as Pesan Cinta, Love Again, Kunci Hati, Jodoh Pasti Bertemu, Sudah and also a duet with Malaysia’s hip hop and R&B group, Ruffedge with the song I’ll Make Love to You. The collaboration between Afgan and Ruffedge was so refreshing for the ear and the audience were totally mesmerized by the magic collaboration. Besides the newly image presented, this group which was founded more than 20 years ago also performed another song, Bila Rindu.

Ruffedge walked us down the memory lane when they performed Bila Rindu

The momentum of the night continued with Afgan through his hits songs from 2008 that made the crowds stood on their feet and danced along the rhythm of the song. With more than 20 songs being performed, the audience sang along to most of the hits. Right after the concert ended, 100 audiences who bought the VVIP ticket were brought for a Meet & Greet session with Afgan.

Konsert DEKADE Live in Kuala Lumpur 2018 was supported by Maybank, Hot FM and Kool FM, Turkish Airlines, Redbox, E&O Residences and Hamza Motors.

Afgan and The Gandarianz served great tunes and funky moves on stage

L-R Malaysia's Multi-talented Actress and Singer, Miss Fazura and Afgan backstage