[NEWS FLASH] Malaysian Evian Lee Wins ‘Best National Costume Award’ To Lead 28 International Beauty Contestants On A Bid For Top Honours At The 2nd Miss CosmoWorld Tonight In Kuala Lumpur

Published by Adam Ham @ 02/12/2018

Evian Lee, Winner of Best National Costume Award for Miss CosmoWorld 2018

Malaysian Evian Lee, recently announced as the Best National Costume Award for the 2nd Miss CosmoWorld, leads the bid for the auspicious crown of the Miss CosmoWorld 2018 tonight in JW Marriot, Kuala Lumpur. 21 year beauty blogger, who wore a beautiful self-designed hibiscus-inspired ensemble, will be competing tonight amongst 27 other contestants from more than 20 countries.

28 International Beauty Pageant Contestants of Miss CosmoWorld 2018

Carrie Lee, the founder and organizer of the Miss CosmoWorld said, “Tonight’s extravaganza is poised to showcase a world-class international beauty pageant that will boast the top qualities of beauty, personality and creativity of every single contestants from around the world. Through my testament of my growth and success from being a winning beauty queen to a successful entrepreneur, all 28 international representatives will be inspired as winners in various achievements & goals.”

Evian Lee, Winner of Best National Costume Award for Miss CosmoWorld 2018

Tonight’s Grand Final promises to be one of the Best in the World at JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur, which will not only showcase beauties and talents, but also promote social awareness and values through Miss CosmoWorld 2018, while raising funds for the children of the Lovely Disabled Homes in Petaling Jaya through Carrie’s and her partners & sponsors passionate initiatives. Main Sponsors supporting the initiatives include: Hai-O Enterprise, Luxx Grand Couture, Royal Perfect, Kinohimitsu, Vine, Gintell, TreatOnMe, Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest, UM Land, DDJ, OC Merit, Evyonne, Penang Global Tourism, and many more.


Miss Mexico competing for Miss CosmoWorld 2018

Miss Venezuela competing for Miss CosmoWorld 2018