Bentley Music Malaysia Celebrates Steinway & Sons' 165 Years of History Tonight with World Renowned Pianist Steinway Artist, Adam Gyorgy & Malaysian Celebrity, Cathryn Lee

Published by Adam Ham @ 08/12/2018

Tonight on 8th December 2018 at Wisma Bentley Music, Steinway & Sons, world’s finest piano maker will celebrate the launch of the new Steinway & Sons SPIRIO high-resolution player piano. Mr. Adam Gyorgy, renowned Steinway Artist and Malaysian Celebrity, Miss Cathryn Lee (李元玲) will grace the occasion with their presence and joined hands to witness the most significant piece of innovation by Steinway & Sons in the century – the new SPIRIO player piano.

World Renowned Pianist, Adam Gyorgy and Malaysian Celebrity, Cathryn Lee

As a cutting-edge technological innovation, SPIRIO offers a spectacular music experience to the audience while reperforming the stunning live performance of a Steinway piano with unprecedented accuracy and delicacy - a must-have for all music lovers, composers and singers. Steinway Artist, Mr.  Adam Gyorgy was invited to get a first taste of the incredible SPIRIO at the Steinway Music Hall in Midtown Manhattan, New York, and has also recorded his own selected pieces for the SPIRIO music library. Meanwhile, Miss Cathryn Lee, who possess a Master’s Degree in Music from the UK was also invited to be amongst the first Malaysian Celebrity (renowned as an Actress for HK Movie “Girls Police Academy”) to perform on SPIRIO at the Bentley Music Auditorium in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Adam Gyorgy & Cathryn Lee Shares their Experience at Bentley Music Auditorium

During the product launch, Adam Gyorgy first brought the audience into the world of SPIRIO with a performance of his composition ‘ One day in New York’, while SPIRIO reperformed the same piece recorded by the artist earlier in New York shortly after. The re-performance vividly demonstrated SPIRIO’s delicate capturing of Adam’s performance touches. To present a more direct and striking experience on the high-resolution reperforming technology of the new SPIRIO, Adam was asked to play the first half from another of his own composed piece “Searching” alone and the second half collaborating with SPIRIO. The perfect performance of SPIRIO seamlessly synced with the Artist’s rhythm, which formed a flawless fabrication of art and technology that deeply impressed the audience. Adam was also fascinated by the exquisite reperforming quality of SPIRIO. The sophisticated emotional expression and the striking live-like performance have been his source of inspiration, making SPIRIO an impeccable partner for composing.

Ken Phua, Executive Director of Bentley Music Malaysia

Not only SPIRIO is able to reperform artists’ live performances, its unique technology enables it to simultaneously play the music with the performance video on the dedicated app on IPAD, producing a comprehensive live experience that pleases both your eyes and ears. SPIRIO ‘performed’ the famous piece by Vladimir Horowitz, Scenes From Childhood during the event, while on the screen there was Horowitz returning to his homeland after 60 years and performing at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. The story of a respectable old man reminiscing his childhood memories has deeply touched the souls of the audience.

Cathryn Lee, Malaysian Celebrity, Influencer and Pianist

Horowitz’s music also has a deep impact on a lot of artists. Today in the 21st century, the Steinway SPIRIO combines art with technology, connecting the past and the present. SPIRIO perfectly reperforms the live performances of contemporary artists and the unforgettable presentations of the late masters. Audience is brought to the scene anytime, anywhere, with SPIRIO.

Members from Bentley Music, the Malaysian authorised dealer for Steinway demonstrated the direct and easy way to use the SPIRIO App. Simply an IPAD will unleash the potential of SPIRIO which brings you the best artists of the best performers in the world. Furthermore, these pieces could only be played on the new Steinway & Sons SPIRIO high-resolution player piano.


Adam Gyorgy, World Renowned Hungarian Steinway Artist

According to Mr Ken Phua, the Executive Director of Bentley Music, “Steinway & Sons was established 1853. This year is Steinway’s 165th Anniversary. What is so special about Steinway is that Steinway only does one thing in 165 years, that is building pianos. And never cease its innovation and creation. Till now Steinway has over 140 patents. These patents cover 90% of all the pianos in the world, that is why we are proud to say that Steinway sets the standards for modern pianos and is by which all the pianos are judged. Today we witness the most significant product innovation in over 70 years—Spirio.”

Ken Phua, Executive Director of Bentley Music Malaysia together with World Renowned Pianist, Adam Gyorgy and Malaysian Celebrity, Cathryn Lee, as well as Lewis Hooper, Business Development Director of Bentley Music Malaysia

The close-up experience with the SPIRIO has greatly moved the audience and presented amazing prospects of this innovation of the century. Every moment in life becomes more lively and meaningful with SPIRIO. When you are alone, SPIRIO gives you warmth and company. When you are with your family and your loved ones, SPIRIO witnesses every lovely moment with music. When you are having fun with friends, SPIRIO plays every genre of music, from classical to jazz, as well as contemporary, catering everyone’s personal taste and bringing about an incredible music experience. ‘The new Steinway SPIRIO genuinely connects music lovers with artists. The SPIRIO is committed to offering best music enjoyment to music lovers with the best innovative technology and craftsmanship.


Speaking about the exclusive premiere, and its launch of the STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO, the event was supported by Bentley Music Sdn Bhd and Quill Automobiles. Bentley Music has been renowned as the exclusive distributor and retailer for high-quality musical instruments for over forty years. A real choice of instruments is what they offer and having multiple brands over a range of instruments that has been at the heart of their business.

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