Norwegian Salmon & Fjord Trout, the Best Option for Yee Sang, Celebrating CNY 2019

Published by Areef Aiman @ 31/12/2018

A Chinese New Year if not complete without a good Yee Sang to be tossed around during the Great Dinner. It symbolizes prosperity, good fortune and abundance. With that, yue or fish will always be the centerpiece of the Yee Sang and the Norwegian salmon and Fjord trout have gained a foothold becoming the main fish option to accompany the Yee Sang. This is mainly due to their versatility, able to be safely served raw and cooked in various other dishes.

A beautifully assembled Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang

This versatility was the focus of the Norwegian Seafood Council’s Workshop on “Cooking Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year Dishes with Norwegian Salmon and Fjord Trout” which was held at the KDU University in Shah Alam. The idea is that other than its famous use as the main star of Yee Sang, there are other dishes that can feature these two fish.

During the workshop, Chef Jimmy Chok lead the media in hands-on session preparing Yee Sang with salmon. The chef also demonstrated various other dishes including Sweet Sour Soup with Norwegian Fjord Trout, Steamed Norwegian Salmon Head with Fermented and Salted Garlic Chili Sauce, Deep Fried Norwegian Salmon Cubes with Szechuan Pepper Salt, and 41C Norwegian Fjord Trout with Japanese Mushroom Black Pepper Sauce.

Chef Ambassador Jimmy Chok plating the fried salmon cubes

The Norwegian Seafood Council explained that Norwegian salmon and fjord trout are harvested out of the cold, clean waters of Norway and within hours are sent for export to more than 100 countries around the world everyday of the year. Norway also has the perfect living conditions for salmon and fjord trout, being surrounded by ice-cold waters with fjords stretching deep into its coastline. They are farmed in the ocean, in the pure, cold Norwegian fjords where seawater meets fresh meltwater from the glaciers and snow, in a process meeting the highest standards in regard to environment and sustainability.

Jon Erik Steenslid, Director of Norwegian Seafood Council explaining about food safety with Norwegian salmon and trout