Published by Lavinesh @ 04/02/2019

(Third from left) Rachel Rho, Ryo Brand Manager of Amorepacific HQ Korea, Jully Park, Senior Vice President for Ryo Division of Amorepacific HQ Korea, Margaret Chin, Country Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia, Thoren Tan, Trading Director of Watsons Malaysia, Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia, Wenjuan Qiu, Research & Development Professional of Amorepacific HQ Korea together with models.

AMOREPACIFIC Corp (AMOREPACIFIC) is South Korea’s largest beauty and health company that is committed to becoming the “Asian Beauty Creator” debuts Ryo, the leading shampoo Brand in South Korea and a multi-award-winning shampoo brand, exclusively at Watsons nationwide. Known for its medical herbs’ ingredients, Ryo is available in four variants, which are Hair Loss Care, Damage Hair, Scalp Deep Cleansing and Dandruff Relief.

Scalp analysis was conducted for one of the guests

“A woman’s hair is a crowning glory to her identity and the hair enhances her personality. Ryo’s hair care philosophy is to restore hair balance with a dedicated treatment range on hair scalp. Over the decades, Ryo’s hair care is differentiated from the rest of global hair care by its niche products; offering herbal and medicinal remedies for hair loss to women worldwide,” said Margaret Chin, Country Manager of AMOREPACIFIC Malaysia.

Ryo’s Hair Loss Care uses highly concentrated ginseng saponins as an active ingredient in its formulation which is used to help manage the hair growth cycle while green tea and ginger are used to help protect follicular cells from stress and also adds to strengthening the roots.

Using ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ as the basis of Ryo’s treatment formulation, the ‘Yin’ is represented by Ryo (inner nature) which is the scalp while ‘Yang’ is represented by Yul (surface) which is the hair. Ryo believes that achieving a harmonious balance between the ‘Yul-Ryo’ is important in achieving healthy lustrous hair but any hair issues must first be addressed from the Ryo which is the scalp. Therefore, Ryo’s treatment remains focused on the scalp. Ryo is also the first hair care brand in the market that treats the scalp apart from the hair.

The Damage Hair line uses 100% fermented Camellia Oil from the pristine island of Jeju which helps with treating split ends and when blended with Omija and Pomegranate, the formulation works in root strengthening and nourishing as well as moisturising and improving hair elasticity.

Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia said, “Ryo has a proven track record of helping many troubled women in restoring hair vitality and combat hair vitality and combat hair loss with its latest hair prevention technology and oriental ingredients. There is demand for women who are looking for affordable hair loss solution with value-added ingredients in the product. A leading shampoo brand that is within reach across Watsons stores nationwide and online store, Ryo will soon become a popular choice of scalp and hair care shampoo among Malaysian women.”

Dandruff Relief Care offers intensive moisturising and a soothing feeling on the scalp. The combination of fermented Camellia Oil with other natural ingredients such as Bamboo Sap and Chestnut Shell, it helps to relieve the scalp from itchiness and dryness. Black Pine Oil is also added into the formulation to give the hair a shiny coat.

Ryo’s comprehensive hair care range is available in Watsons nationwide. Visit the nearest Watsons stores or shop at online store. For latest updates and promotional offerings, stay tune at Ryo Malaysia Facebook page and Instgram.

Scalp Deep Cleansing line refreshes the scalp with fermented mint and helps remove excess sebum from the scalp. With added Pine Needles, it also purifies and conditions the scalp further while the addition of Fermented Bean Broth coats the surface of the hair.