Published by Lavinesh @ 21/02/2019

The full cast and production team of "The Story of Wheel Chair"

A short film, “The Story of Wheel Chair” directed by Dr. Lawrence Po, was premiered with a standing ovation and captivated the hearts of the audiences on the awareness of unfortunate people with disabilities at ION Delemen Hotel, Genting Highlands. The film is a reminder to society to be considerate and care for the less fortunate people in the community. The film was presented by the Persatuan Perdagangan Ekonomik & Kebudayaan Negara (PPEKN), Creative Signature & Entertainment Production and Reliance Media Group.

Dr. Lawrence Po, Movie Director of 'The Story of Wheel Chair" along with the main cast of the film presenting a mock cheque worth RM5,000.00 to Home for Special People, Cheras.

“The Story of Wheel Chair” donated RM5,000.00, groceries and household supplies to Home for Special People, Cheras. The film’s key message is to encourage the youth to do their part in spending time to do charity, especially caring for the people with disabilities. 

Dr. Lawrence Po, Movie Director of "The Story of Wheel Chair" along with the main cast of the film

The film is about a single mother and her two sons living together in a small village. Her youngest son was handicapped in an accident which happen when he was 5 years old. The film takes audience on a journey of the family’s hardship and struggles of taking care of the handicapped son. The role of the single mother is played by Irene Wong while the handicapped son role is played by Edison Lim and Raymond Tiew plays the role of the oldest son.

L-R: Raymond Tiew and Edison Lim.

Raymond portrays his character as a young male going through a difficult phase in his life where his future is constricted by his brother’s disabilities. He is unable to leave the small village for better prospects in education and career. He begins to feel sad and disappointed as his dreams and future are ruined which he believes is caused by his brother. Despite the family’s fate, Irene, the single mother, showers her sons with love and care, even though, she had to work all day to provide for her handicapped son’s special needs. The raw emotions and talent in acting of the actors, such as Irene’s emotions of being a single mother, Raymond’s anger of his family’s fate and Edison’s body language as he struggles to communicate to his family, was heart-moving and made the audiences burst into tears. Dr. Lawrence had achieved in delivering the key message to the audience which is that there are many unfortunate families in society that requires love and care.

Audience at the premiere of "The Story of Wheel Chair"

The main cast of “The Story of Wheel Chair” is Irene Wong as the single mother, Edison Lim as the handicapped son, Raymond Tiew as the older brother, Ooi Kok Tong as the father and Stacey Oh as the neighbor. Dr. Lawrence Po is also an actor and the producer of this film.

Dr. Lawrence Po, Movie Director of "The Story of Wheel Chair"

Dr. Lawrence Po, who is currently recovering from an accidental fall last night, said “Life is full of happiness and tears, we just need to be strong and have faith that everything will be good. I am so proud of “The Story of Wheel Chair” because it is able to captivate the hearts of the audience and deliver the message to the youth. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Yang Di Mulia Muhammad Kin Eezaz Abdullah Tengku Ampuan Bahriya (popularly known as Tengku Kin), Dato’ Seri Alan Kuang (Windor Sdn. Bhd.), Dato’ Jacky Poh (PSS Development Sdn. Bhd.), Grand ION Hotel, NCT Group, EUM Reality for being our sponsors and supporting this film to become a success. I would also like to thank my team members as without their effort, I would be nothing. Thank you very much.”

Dr. Lawrence Po, Movie Director of "The Story of Wheel Chair", with Adam Ham, CEO of Global Creative & Media Agency (GCMA).

Dr. Lawrence Po recently had an accident where he slipped and broke his left arm. He is currently receiving medical treatment and is in the road to recovery. The editorial team’s hearts and prayers are with Dr. Lawrence and his family.