Published by Lavinesh @ 11/03/2019

Adam Ham, Dato’ Norman Abdul Halim and Ricky Fung

Music Unlimited International will be organizing KL Jamm International Music Festival from 26th April to 28th April 2019 at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. KL Jamm is not solely about concerts, but also a valuable trade event to stimulate growth of the digital and live music business in the Asia Pacific region. The festival gathers regional and local artistes, music industry professionals, fans and associated industries across the Asia Pacific region.


KL Jamm comprises of several components including Forum, Exhibition, Showcases and Live Concerts. These components are designed to encourage and increase collaboration amongst the creative and business communities to create a vibrant music eco-system.

Complete Local & International Artiste Line-up of KL Jamm 2019.

“MUSICXPO” is the trade show segment of the festival. National Pavilions, Music Labels, Music Streaming Platforms, Technology Companies, Music Schools, Brands, Talent Management Companies, Film Studios and many more are able to showcase their products and services. The three-day expo is divided into two parts whereby on the 26th April is open for trade visitors only, while on the 27th and 28th April is opened to the public.


The Forum component, entitled “FORUMUZIK”, provides a venue for key industry players to share success stories, issues and solutions to embrace changes in the industry landscape while capitalizing on the spirit of collaboration to adopt the world’s best industry practices.


APEX (Asia Pacific Music Exchange) is a stage inside MusicXpo whereby emerging and promising new talents from the Asia Pacific region will get the chance to showcase their talents and share their music with fans.

Dato’ Norman Abdul Halim

Dato’ Norman Abdul Halim, Festival Director of KL Jamm, said “KL Jamm is a platform where artistes and fans can enjoy the energy of live music, where fellow industry professionals can engage with one another to collaborate on their next big venture while creating the soul in brands through the magic of music that unites people from all walks of life.”

Adam Ham

“As the inaugural year of KL Jamm Music Festival, we hope to gain the support of the industry to make it a success. I believe that the music industry in Asia is well-alive and it needs to gather the whole industry, from artist to publishers to record labels to high-tech companies to brands, all under one roof to combine our knowledge, expertise, resources and contacts to take the world by storm. We strive to lead and grow the Asia Pacific music ecosystem, consisting of the core music industry and associated music industry, to a global scale,” said Adam Ham, CEO of Global Creative and Media Agency (GCMA), co-organizer of KL Jamm Music Festival.

Dato’ Norman Abdul Halim, Ricky Fung, Muhammad Farouk Jaafar, Shamsul Annuar and Balan Kashmir.

According to a recent study, it is found that the economic output impact of the music ecosystem in Malaysia is between RM12.2 billion to RM13.4 billion per year. This means that for every Ringgit spent in the music industry generates about RM2.20 of output for the Malaysian economy. In addition, the music ecosystem has a value-added impact (GDP) between RM5.5 billion to RM6.1 billion per year. The core industries generated 36% of the music industry’s GDP impact, while associated industries generated 64%, illustrating the significant economic contribution of associated industries.


As one of the Top 40 music markets in the world with diversified talent pool, multi-lingual and multi-cultural society, Malaysia is well positioned to play a strategic and significant role in creating a hub for live and recorded music in the South East Asian region and the launch of KL Jamm International Music Festival in 2019 is timely.


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