Published by Adam Ham @ 10/04/2019

McMillan Woods Global, unlike many other prominent organizations worldwide which offer prestigious awards globally, is the organizer of the 8th Edition of the McMillan Woods Global Awards that will be held on the 19th April 2019 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Inspired by the iconic novel, “The Phantom of the Opera”, as the theme for this year, the prestigious global award will see an array of top-notch global corporate visionary leaders, A-List celebrities and rising entrepreneurs that possess qualities such as leadership, financial performance, global impact, personal integrity, influence, strategic direction, innovation and corporate social responsibility qualities.

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (Malaysian Gymnast)

Giselle Chia 齐浠儿 (Malaysian Actress, renowned for her role in Monkey King 2)

The monumental night will capture the early 19th Century atmosphere of French romance in the Paris Opera House, as depicted in the novel. The Award ceremony will be surrounded by romance, glamour and mystery. Like the Paris Opera House that is full of hidden passages and secret lair, the organizers have revealed a sneak glimpse into the list of Award Recipients that includes Joyce Tang Lai Ming (/HK Actress), Evergreen Mak Cheung Ching (麥長青/HK Actor), Kiana Valenciano (Philippines Singer-songwriter), Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysian Singer), Wallace Ang 洪圣安 (Singaporean Musical Artist), Goh Liu Ying 吴柳 (Malaysian Badminton Player), Leona Chin 利念娜 (Malaysian Female Racer), Giselle Chia 齐浠 (Malaysian Actress), Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (Malaysian Gymnast), Fazura (Malaysian Actress), Diana Danielle (Malaysian Actress), Dr. Mahdi Moudini (The great Iranian Magician); Avery Chin & Sylvia Lim (World Best Quick Change Artist – recognised by the Guinness World Records) and many more.

Fazura, a popular Malaysian actress cum singer

Adam Ham, popular publicist & CEO of GCMA & Diana Danielle (popular Malaysian Actress)

The annual award ceremony emphasizes that the candidates are referred to as “Award Recipients” and there are no winners, as the trophy and recognition is given for deserving individuals “who have successfully steered their ships through stormy seas to reach the shores safely”. The Award aims to commit their worldwide members to promote exemplary leadership and recognize the successes of entrepreneurs and leading business visionaries across all industry sectors. The Award honors their overall excellence and great contributions towards global economic development. Dato’ Seri Raymond Liew said, “The McMillan Woods Global Awards has its mark, as the global award to recognize the industry stalwarts – The crème de la crème of global successful leaders.” The McMillan Woods Global Awards, primarily based on the “People’s Choice” award, is international in nature and have attracted participants from a multitude of countries including Australia, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Mauritius, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, and United States of America (USA). “Such a noble award really humbles me. It certainly gives me a greater motivation to work harder. I hope to inspire the future generations to follow my footstep in achieving greatness.”, said Nur Fazura.

International Celebrities: Joyce Tang Lai Ming (滕丽名/HK Actress), Evergreen Mak Cheung Ching (麥長青/HK Actor) and Wallace Ang 洪圣安 (Singaporean Musical Artist)

The Guest of Honor for the prestigious McMillan Woods Global Awards is none other than Y.M. Tunku Datuk Mu’tamir Tunku Tan Sri Mohamed. “Such a prestigious global award event is a sturdy platform and a great effort towards recognizing the many exemplary leaders around the world, and I am sure these global leaders have inspired many people through their outstanding achievements within their respective fields and industries”, said Tunku Datuk Mu’tamir.

Goh Liu Ying 吴柳萤 (Malaysian Badminton Player / Silver Medalist of the Summer Olympics Games, 2016 Brazil)

“McM Cares” Program is a CSR initiative driven by McMillan Woods Global that has contributed over USD160,000.00 (RM 650,000) since its inception to various charities and in addition to support the career paths of 10 young talents to realise their dreams. However, it’s Raymond Liew’s ambition to reach USD 250,000 (RM 1 million) mark in charity donations by the Malaysian Vision of 2020. It aims to address the global challenges of climate change, education and poverty alleviation. This year at the McMillan Woods Global Awards, a total sum of USD 25,000 (RM100,000.00) will be donated to several foundations in Asia.