Published by Lavinesh @ 09/05/2019

Kordel's Bio-Curmin is a health supplement that offers the benefits from curcumin, an active ingredient found in turmeric 2

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently publish their latest report on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and it found an alarming impact of these diseases have on the human mortality across the world. According to the report, NCDs are the leading cause of deaths globally and accounts for 41 million, or over 71% of the world’s 57 million deaths in 2016. Four major NCDs are identified as being responsible for 54% of all global deaths, which are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes.

NCDs are known as modern day diseases and are largely attributed to changes in our lifestyles and habits. The WHO report pointed to the harmful use of alcohol, tobacco, dietary behavior and physical inactivity as the main behavioral risks associated with NCDs. The situation in Malaysia is even more disturbing with the report claiming that deaths due to cardiovascular diseases contributes to 35% of all deaths in the country, higher than the global average of 31%.

Cambert Sdn Bhd General Manager Ho Swee Lin,Taichiro Osada of Theravalues Corporation and Product Manager Ng Yinn Jye during the media launch

In today’s highly competitive environment demands more out of people and their time. In order to cope with the situation, people are adopting unhealthy lifestyle and poor dietary habits such as consuming processed food or those with high sugar content that are the causes of the chronic inflammation in the body. It is these inflammations that leads to NCDs.

It is in this context that Kordel decided to introduce Theracurmin health supplement that has an innovative and clinically proven curcumin formulation using extracts of Curcuma longa, better known as Turmeric. Studies have shown that curcumin can switch off the main inflammatory activities in the body by blocking the protein complex known as NF-kB, or nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells, which is believed to play a major role in many chronic diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s as well as other degenerative conditions.

Kordel's Bio-Curmin is a health supplement that offers the benefits from curcumin, an active ingredient found in turmeric 2

According to Ho Swee Lin, General Manager of Cambert (M) Sdn. Bhd., “This does not mean that by simply adding turmeric supplements into your daily diet can bring the desired results because turmeric, in its natural form, is not water soluble and has notoriously low absorption levels.”

Theracurmin is effective because it is produced through a patented process using Japanese Nano-particle technology that leverages on ultra-fine granulation and suspension system to convert turmeric powder into sub-micron particles called Nano-particle curcumin.

Taichiro Osada of Theravalues Corporation

Clinical studies show that Theracurmin can improve brain function and lowers the risk of brain-related diseases by increasing the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factors which increases the growth of new neurons in the brain. It also improves the function of the blood walls, allowing the human body to better regulate blood pressure and prevent clotting, leading to a 65% decrease in the risk of a heart attack.

Theracurmin health supplement is available at all leading retailers and pharmacists across the country.

Product Manager Ng Yinn Jye